Mobile and Tablet Applications: The New Reality

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: November 26th, 2012 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

Mobile Applications The New Reality

In a world where everything seems to be smaller, thinner, lighter, faster, easier, smarter, and all other comparatives, innovation is trying to keep up with Superman’s pace. Yes, he’s faster than a speeding bullet but what is not faster than anything close to a bullet these days? A slow internet connection is probably only 30 seconds of lag time, a decade ago that was already considered fast. An SMS normally reaches you in real time or else you’d be wrinkling your forehead and saying your network’s going berserk. Time can be that volatile or people are getting too demanding that time just isn’t enough.

A quick blast from the past
Everything we need is normally in our bag or our pockets. How many bags or pockets do not have one or 2 mobile phones in them? Quite a minute percentage, for sure. The growing prevalence of tablets in handbags is keeping up with the times, too. Mobile phones used to be just for sending SMS and MMS or making calls for either business or personal use. Maybe a few simple perks like the watch because it can wake you up anywhere you end up snoozing, or the calculator when you’re grocery shopping, or the memo pad that keeps you reminded of the odds and ends; these made mobile phones so useful some 10 years ago. The tablet like we have today didn’t even exist yet that time. If there was anyone who slept in 2002 and only woken up within this year, his jaws would drop at how mobile phones became smartphones and how tablets are not medicine but something that looks just like the monitor of a laptop and operated with his fingers. It would be like a sci-fi movie before your very eyes. People cannot get enough of innovation, every single day there’s something new, and everyone has their eyes peeled for that something.

Becoming a netizen of the world
Unlike back then, social media was extensively confined in a PC or laptop, barely in mobile phones if you count SMS as some sort of crude social media. One of the earliest popular social media networks were Friendster and perhaps Multiply. The inconvenient part, but not that we felt that back then, was that you have to have an internet connection, if you have any, to log in and connect with your friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Same as with Multiply. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, all you need is internet on your smartphone, maybe free Wi-Fi, and voila! Your family, friends, colleagues and even the entire world would know what you’ve had for breakfast or that you just broke up with the love of your life right that very second. You can even post photos with your ranting and blow by blow account of the most minute details of your life through applications like Instagram. These mobile and tablet applications are like compact versions of your computer programs, because they work in the same light, but the medium is just pounds lighter and inches way smaller. With symbols like @ and #, the world becomes a global village just as what was envisioned decades ago with the birth of the internet. Through mobile and tablet applications, social media can be that powerful and transparent.

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