User interested in website content

How to Make Your Site Visitors Stay Longer

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User interested in website content
SEO, web design, and app development are some of the most important and well-utilized marketing techniques today. Small businesses and large corporations alike make good use of internet marketing to reach out and promote their brand on a larger, wider scale. There is, however, one quality metric that not a lot of people are taking seriously or perhaps overlooking when planning their marketing strategy, and that is bounce rates for site visitors.

It is no secret that the longer visitors stay on your website, the more opportunities you have to encourage them to check out your products or services and eventually, convince them to take action. Additionally, the longer people stay on your site, the more credible you appear to major search engines such as Google and Bing. The challenge therefore, is to make them stay long enough to fulfill all of these things.

What are Bounce Rates?

The phenomenon under the spotlight is called bounce rate, or the Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It is the percentage of site visitors who, after visiting only one page, leaves rather than continuing to view other pages on the same website.

If a prospect leaves as soon as they land on your page, then that is a bounce rate. Handling bounce rates require more than just a single course of action, which is why it is recommended to seek help from a professional web design agency since they are experts in making people spend longer periods on a site. Here are some of their strategies:

1. Make Pages Load Faster

Time is of the essence, and we are amongst those who course through life with little to no patience. In short, never make your site visitors wait. Many visitors immediately bounce from a website when it takes longer than a few seconds to load. Keep in mind that when visiting a site from organic searches, visitors are shown nine other options apart from you, excluding ads. If your website does not load quickly enough, most visitors will hit the back button and try another website. To prevent this, ensure that your website is hosted on a modern CMS, and if you have plugins that are slowing your site down, remove or replace them with faster tools.

2. Promote Readability and Avoid Long Blocks of Text

Visitors are less than likely to stay on your site if they are overwhelmed with long, irrelevant, and unbroken text. Often, first-time visitors just scan content and look for specific information that is relevant to their search. The bottom line is, stay away from long, boring content. To make things easier for your visitors, go the extra mile to make sure that each paragraph only consists of three to five sentences. Break content through subheads, bullets, and numbered lists. You may also italicize or bold keywords that need emphasizing, and choose font types and sizes that are easy on the eyes.

3. Add Enticing CTAs

The ultimate goal for website visitors is conversion. It is of utmost importance to drive relevant traffic to your website that is qualified to convert through sales-related offers. To accomplish this, having enticing calls-to-action or CTAs is critical to web pages. Be sure to align the content based on personas to yield the highest click-through rates possible. These offers will no doubt keep visitors engaged and on the site for much longer, and ultimately converting them into leads.

4. Internal Links

Prioritizing key website pages through internal links within content is done on web pages and blog posts where you want to provide the reader more information about a particular topic. Internal links significantly increase page views and will drive visitors to dig deeper into the website. When doing so, be sure to use keyword-rich anchor texts to show the topic of the next page and also provide SEO value.

5. Prioritize Search Functionality

Adding a search bar to your website can significantly improve user experience as well as lengthen the amount of time visitors spend on your site. In many cases, visitors come to your website with a question in mind. By giving visitors the ability to search and go through your content, they can easily locate the information that answers their question and eliminate the need to navigate out of your website and search for a site that can provide them the answer without exerting too much effort.

6. Incorporate Multimedia

One of the most popular ways to increase the amount of time visitors spend on a site is to add multimedia to web pages, especially on homepages. Videos have been shown to increase user engagement and are a great way to showcase your products or services. However you choose to incorporate videos, they can certainly help engage visitors to prevent them from clicking out without giving you a chance.

7. Create an Impressive Web Design and Layout

Last but not the least, the overall appearance of your website can create a pretty large impact on reducing the bounce rate. Great design that allows visitors to get to where they want to go without too much distraction will help you retain your visitors long enough for them to visit the next page.

It’s important to make sure that your site looks reputable, trustworthy and downright professional. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a DIY site if you have basic design skills and an eye for creativity. There’s a whole world of difference between not wanting to invest in a good website and knowing that you can do a pretty good job yourself. The problem is, most people can often tell the difference between a DIY and a professionally-designed site from a mile away. The bottom line is, why should you expect your visitors invest in your products and services if you don’t even want to invest in one of your main moneymakers?

Understandably, solo entrepreneurs often have a tight budget when starting up. However, a professional website with great photography and content are some of the essential investments you should not skimp on.

Convince Them to Stick Around

Remember that every aspect of your website represents the competence of your business, and the smallest flaw can increase your bounce rate. If you need help making online visitors stay longer, PrimeView can develop web design strategies that fit your site’s needs, goals, and identity as a business. Call us today at 480-970-4688 or fill out our online form.