The Importance of a Website Redesign

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: June 22nd, 2012 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

It’s just hype, you say. It’s not that important. You already have a successful, 10-year old website that showcases your business. And business HAS been good, thanks to that website of yours. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? Well, business CAN be better with the help of a good website redesign. It’s not just about adding new colors or switching panels from left to right. It’s about implementing current website standards and trends that are vital to your website’s improvement and survival.

Social Networking

I’m sure you’ve been hearing the words Facebook and Twitter for quite some time now. Your kids are hooked on it. It’s on their computers and mobile phones, fiddling with it even during dinner.

Facebook and Twitter are just two of the most successful social networking websites in the internet. Social networking websites are sites that enable you to connect with other people online. These sites give you the ability to share and see your connections’ activities in almost real-time. These activities could be anything – photos of your new-born nephew from another state, status messages from distant high school friends or a funny YouTube link shared by your neighbor.

If your 5 or 10 year old website hasn’t been updated since it went up online, it probably doesn’t have social networking integration.

Imagine if your website’s visitors can just click a button and share what you’re selling? That’s free advertising right there.

User Interaction

When websites just started to slowly pop out the web, most of them are purely static. Kinda like brochures — you just read and stare at them, that’s it.

Today, you can comment on articles or photos. Download and share audio and video files. User interaction helps you build your website’s character and it adds to your content.

User interaction helps you build a relationship with your visitors. These relationships are the foundations of trust and credibility. If your website is credible and known for something positive, that again, is a plus for you and your business.

Online Purchasing

If you own a prehistoric website, chances are, it does not support online purchasing yet. You show your wares on your website, any interested visitors call you up and talk about payment options and delivery.

If your business is selling stuff, online purchasing is a definite must.

With today’s technology, visitors can just click on a button and it automatically does all the transactions for the both of you.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems make it easier for the website owner to update his website without the help of the developer. An initial walkthrough from the designer will enable you to manipulate and update content without website development skills.

You can write daily updates for your readers and visitors. Upload photos and videos. You can announce news and promos as they come. No more need to call on the designers – which means less expense for you.

Current Web Design Standards

A website that looks old and uninteresting will have less and less visitors. And believe me, people WILL know if your website was designed in 2001 and hasn’t been updated since.

It always helps if your website is updated on current design trends and standards. Visitors like seeing stunning visuals. Having a good-looking website helps improve visitor count. Awards given for your awesome website help with the credibility too.

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