Golden Nuggets about SEO: Experience versus Theories

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: July 24th, 2012 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

Golden Nuggets about SEO: Experience versus Theories

In the tenth anniversary of Neil Patel in the SEO business, he decided to come up with 100 golden nuggets he has learned working behind the scenes of websites. His lessons are often interesting, a wonderful source of know-how and lots of times a self-deprecating, humorous peek at the Oops factor as he struggles to make sense of the complex and ever-evolving optimization world.

Don’t link—build too fast
In other words, pace yourself. Just like anybody new in the business, often times we are eager to prove something. We end up doing too many things at the same time or saturating the market for results. It looks astonishing in the beginning but the problem is we lose steam along the way.

SEO is magic
People can say that SEO is this new technology and just like any new toy, we’re excited about it. But SEO has been going on for quite some time and the magic is still there. It’s a little like playing god wherein we have created a world and make improvements on it as we go along. It’s also a little like being in love where it fascinates us to know something new about it every day.

Never try to screw over your competitors
Which brings us to the next lesson Patel has learned about SEO: always try to learn from your competition. Aside from the fact that you’re breaking the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, it’s just plain unprofessional. Work instead in improving yourself rather than bringing down the competition.And who else do you learn from but people in the same genre as your market. Gather tips on what makes them tick and reinvent it to adapt your site.

Learn how to improve your CTR from billboards
A strange thing to hear in the SEO world but it actually makes sense. SEO is still about marketing and billboards do understand how it is to quickly catch your attention as you’re speeding along the highway.

Speed has been an issue since 1999
And mobile is the new name of the game. Web designers often forget this number one standard rule and as a result they plug in as much innovative and eye-catching designs that slow down a site.  There is something about being quick and mobile on the internet that people demand. Seriously, they reall demand it.

You will always have to suck up
Vulgar as it may sound, SEO is just like any business: we need to please our clients more than our own preference. Customer is always right as they say. Customer is boss. And our main agenda is to make them happy above all.There are so much more interesting nuggets that Neil Patel offered but allow us to end on this funny note which is number 45 in his 100 lessons he learned in his ten years in the business.

“Happy hour is the best place for ideas – Often, you’ll have your best ideas when you’re not directly thinking about work.  If you ever feel stuck, grab a beer and sleep on it.”

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