Components of a Successful eCommerce Web Design

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: February 18th, 2013 | Updated: April 23rd, 2020

Having a website is not an assurance of profitability to your online retail shop. However, its components may create a huge impact that will lead your business to this. The ecommerce web design company you will hire should be aware of this. But first, it is also important that you educate yourself on this so you know you are on the right direction.

Images, Prices, Stock Availability and other Specifications
The products’ images, prices, stock availability and other specifications are information important to buyers. Unfortunately, some websites dwell too much on presenting the images of the products they offer. They often forget to include the price, stock’s availability and other specifications right on the page where the images are published. They still require people to click on the mouse to find this data. Hence, the customers’ excitement turns to disappointment when they find out that the price is expensive or when the item is not in stock.

Do not be surprised if from that time on, you are one of those sites that they will not visit or you will be at the bottom of their list. Ask your professional web designer to place this data beside the respective photographs.

No-Click Interface
Users get frustrated if they realize they are doing several clicks and they still find nothing relevant to their search. They will choose to leave and visit another site than do one more click. You may follow the three-click rule, where you only limit their search to three mouse clicks, to avoid this. This may be an age-old approach, though. Why not make them do nothing than mouse hovering to view the information they need?

We are referring to no-click interface where you present them with all the info they need without having to go from one page to another. You may think this is impossible or this may cause clutter on the web page but with some strategies, your expert web designer can work on this. For instance, you want your prospective customers to see all the colors of the ruffled long dress that you sell. Instead of clicking the image, all they need to do is to pass the mouse over the image and it will automatically display an expanded view where they get to view the ruffled long dress in different colors.

This goes the same to other products that you sell. This is not only artistry in layout. This is also getting the job done for your online business.

Shopping Cart Widget
Some make their shopping carts small enough so buyers will not feel that they are being dictated to make a purchase. But they (or the ecommerce web design company they employ) do not realize that soon as they get attracted to the products and they decide to buy, they need the shopping cart and they want to see it every time.

It is better to place the shopping cart widget on one side where they can be seen prominently. When the buyers click the “add to cart” button, leaving and returning to the product page is not necessary. More importantly, they get to monitor the items they are about to purchase and the total amount due because the shopping cart is displayed at all times.

Checkout Page
In the checkout page, do not ask too much information. Do not even require them to register an account to be able to complete their purchase. This may trigger your customers to abandon the shopping cart. Just ask for the pertinent data, like name, email address, credit card number, home address and contact number. This should be enough to help you in case a problem arises. Likewise, place security seals and credit card logos to let your clients know that it is safe to transact business on your website. It may also help if you will have the “add new items” button in the checkout page in case they have forgotten something.

Generally, users are impatient that they will leave the site immediately if they find no useful information right on the page they are viewing. If your website is one of those that require your visitors to do several mouse clicks, then you are doing the wrong thing. Look for an ecommerce web design company that gets your online business into the right direction. They are well aware that the above items are vital components of a commercial website.