How Colors Affects and Help your Website

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In web design, we might not realize how important colors are but it actually makes a huge difference and expresses something different to your audience. Research shows that there are psychological effects behind each color and tone. For example, project a red hue color onto the walls of somebody’s room is an effective way to excite them; most people know red signifies excitement.I therefore conclude that this is one of the reasons why fast food companies choose red as their main or secondary color.

In web design, mixing colors is beneficial if done the right way. Mixing very complimentary colors is something most designers do, but it shouldn’t be overdone because it may cause bad effects to people’s eyes. My best example is pink text on a black website – just imagining it make my eyes hurt. But there’s a trick behind using two complementary colors – it is adding a neutral color on both to see them separately.

Picking color for a website doesn’t mean that you have to pick your favorite color and turning it into a layout, it means that you have pick the right color in order to get a positive response from your target audience. If you know your audience well and figured out which color works best for them, then you’ll have a higher chance that your audience will like your work. Also, it’s quite unlikely to pick a color that will please all the visitors of your website because each person has a different taste when it comes to colors so it is very important to be able to determine which colors and tones work best for most users you target.

Using the right color on your website is crucial. By using the right colors in accordance to your audience, it will increase the chance that they will understand the message that you are trying to send to them.