Building Brand Trust in this Modern Day

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Building Brand Trust
For new and seasoned businesses, reputation is a determining factor that could either make or break your target market’s trust. Instilling a sense of trust by integrating authenticity into all of your communications, and ensuring that your brand voice is relatable to the consumer is critical.

Communicate with clients like a normal human being.

A brand’s voice should be authoritative, but it must also be approachable and human. When it comes to writing content or copy, professionalism triumphs but try to keep it somewhat conversational so that your messages become an extension of the people behind your brand. Professional, formal language has its place, but it’s not what builds friend-like trust. Real-life interactions and authentic dialogue, on the other hand, do.

Establish a friendship.

Building brand trust is much like forming a new-found friendship. You invest heavily early on with the highest regard for their feelings, what’s important to them, and overall try to get on their good side.

Professionally speaking, always set the bar high. Go above and beyond for them and show them that your business will do everything in its power to gain their trust. Once you have built that initial foundation of strong connections with your clientele, your brand has just created a platform for referrals and a rally of people who will vouch on your behalf.

Being extra mindful of the impact of each interaction you make with new friends (customers) builds your rule book for building brand trust.

Share your contact information.

Phone numbers, addresses both email and physical, postal codes, and anything that can verify that you are an existing business can help build brand trust. Think of it this way, no secretive individual with a hidden agenda would give away their personal information. In this era where it’s much easier to concoct a con game than to actually come up with a respectable career, more people are wary of trusting. So make sure to display clearly verifiable contact and location information of your business because this shows authenticity.

Share your accomplishments.

You can always pretend that you’re exhibiting your accomplishments, but if you’ve been featured in respected sites, like say, The Arizona Republic, or since dreams are free, CNN, wouldn’t you brag about that? So show off on your website where you’ve received recognition.

Be active on social media.

As we keep saying on our blog, “If you’re not on social media yet, why not?” Social media is a game changer as much as internet changed the course of history. This is the way you communicate with consumers in the simplest way possible. If you don’t have one yet — sign up. And speaking of social media, adding social media icons on the side of your articles or website is a consumer magnet. When people like a content you posted, they can easily click or press the like and share button. Remember that when people see others liking something, people become curious and check it out. That’s how things go viral.

Share authoritative content.

Sharing authoritative content on your website may seem like an employee sucking up to the boss, but truth be told, the boss likes it. And this is your way to be noticed. Imagine if there are hundreds of employees in your office, it won’t hurt to compliment your boss from time to time until he or she becomes familiar with your first name. The same way with sharing respected online authors. It’s your way to get noticed. This way, you get a chance to be shared, too. But first, make sure you have something good to offer. Flattery can only go so far.

Ensure their safety.

Spending a little on software to make sure that your site is protected is also a way to build brand trust. It’s telling your customers they’re safe with you. Some software not only scan your website for potential hackers, but your customers also get a confirmation that their information is secure. And not only that, putting a privacy policy is also a big assurance for your customers. This is you boldly swearing an oath that you will protect their privacy. Because if you don’t, well, all hell will break loose.

Solicit and value feedback.

From customer No. 1 to 1000, always ask for and value their feedback. Feedback may be in the form of a quick survey, a social media follow, or an honest online review. Online reviews play an increasingly significant role in the buying decision of prospects. Businesses need to encourage and monitor the feedback they’re receiving, and of course, respond with transparency and utmost humility.

Make sure to take all customer feedback, either positive or negative, into consideration. These responses will help your brand grow by adjusting what needs to be fixed and proving to your target audience that you are listening, as well as valuing, their input.

Practice transparency.

Speaking of transparency, this is one of the ethics of the modern day businessman and woman. Think restaurants and how practically all of them these days are made of glass or simply just an open space. Another example would be office spaces that are usually just these tiny divisions to separate one from the others. It’s not an architectural design so much as a philosophy that people want to know what’s going on, want to be included in the process and hate, hate, hate secrets.

Building brand trust is all about being open. Keep a few secret ingredients to yourself, but other than that, show what your business is made of. People will like you if you’re a little candid about yourself.

Help Your Clients Trust You

It can be challenging to win over your prospects without establishing trust. If you need help incorporating these trust-building tips into your web design, or if you just need help managing your online presence, PrimeView can find efficient ways to maximize your business strengths to your advantage. Call us today at 480-970-4688.

Peter A. Liefer II

CEO at PrimeView

Peter is the CEO of PrimeView, the leading Arizona Web Design Firm. A veteran in the Web Development and eCommerce industry, he is focused on delivering data-driven results. Learn more about Peter and PrimeView on our Profile. You may also reach us here.